Brownstone and Pre-War Chimney & Fireplace Specialists in Brooklyn

What does it mean to be a Brownstone & Pre-War Specialist?

 A Brownstone & Pre-War Specialist, in the construction industry, is a company that works in buildings built prior to 1910 - 1920. These Pre-War buildings are typically called Brownstones but also include Townhouses, Carriage-Houses, Limestone & a few other variants from the Pre-War era. To become a specialist in this field can only be accomplished through experience.


Many Contractors & Chimney Companies claim to be

Brownstone & Pre-War Specialists from the day they open for business.


Big Apple Chimney has earned the title "New York's Premier Brownstone & Pre-War Specialist" through years of experience renovating brownstones and buildings of the Pre-War era, as well as thousands of Fireplaces & Chimneys, Repaired, Re-Built & Restored. If it's important to you when choosing a contractor to have a legitimate specialist in this field, you must check their references. Only your neighbors can tell you, if you are using a company familiar with Brownstone and Pre-War buildings.


Do not be fooled by false advertising and wild claims by out of state and inexperienced chimney outfits.


Remember, the buildings in New York City are like nowhere else in this country, the NYC building codes are strict and change rapidly, you need a specialist in the field, who has the knowledge and experience necessary to work properly within these structures and guidelines.

Awareness of the building materials and the details of Pre-War design allows us to enter a workspace without causing damage to the surroundings. We are well experienced in protecting and preserving the moldings, marble mantles, antique finishes, trim, plaster, furniture, art and all the other aspects of pre-war buildings that help to maintain their value.

Big Apple Chimney “The Brownstone and Pre-War Specialists” are Fully, Licensed, Insured and Bonded, Chimney and Fireplace Contractors. Primarily Servicing Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York, We also service the New York Metropolitan Area. Our Chimney and Fireplace Experts Specialize in Chimneys and Fireplaces for Pre-War Era Buildings including Brownstones, Townhouses and Carriage Houses


Big Apple Chimney’s Mechanics and Technicians have been in the Chimney & Fireplace business over 20 years. We are a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business with an A rating since 2006.


Big Apple Chimney offers Complete Chimney and Fireplace Services and Complete Historical Restoration Services. We employ Master Masons, Master Carpenters, Licensed Plumbers and Licensed Electricians.

“We will send the right people to do the job,
correctly and to your complete satisfaction”.
Call Big Apple Chimney today at 718-648-3998 to speak to our Chimney and Fireplace Specialists and request a free estimate.
We service all residential and commercial customers.


Big Apple Chimney is Family Owned and Operated with locations in NYC and Brooklyn. Please call 718-648-3998 for 24 hour emergency service regarding your chimney or fireplace. We correct all Violations, if your heat has been turned off due to bad conditions, such as a blockage, a carbon monoxide leak, a draft, flue spillage, leaking soot or water, etc. 


The Big Apple Chimney Emergency Service Crew is guaranteed to restore your Boiler or Hot Water Heater after a turn off. We are fully qualified to repair and restore your heat in the case of a gas, oil or electric company shut-off! We can also restore your heat and hot water if the Fire Dept., E.P.A. or any other city, state or federal government agency has shut you down. We also provide a full range of inspection services (including but not limited to infra-red camera scanning, carbon monoxide detection), smoke and air flow testing services, reports and affidavits required by NYC Building Code.


(Big Apple Chimney combines their expert knowledge in NYC building code with their unequaled experience in brownstone and pre-war buildings to provide their clients with the best chimney and fireplace service in NYC.)



"Specializing in Pre-War and Brownstone Chimneys and Fireplaces"

[H.I.C.L. 1174732/ H.I.S.L.1174729]
Business Integrity Commission Registration #2590

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